Executive Board

Joint Cooperative Agreement

Chairman: Kevin Smith
Phyllis Packard, Clay County Commissioner
Mike Poppens, Lincoln County Commissioner
Dean Koch, McCook County Commissioner
Jeff Barth, Minnehaha County Commissioner
Jared Hybertson, Turner County Commissioner
Milton Ustad, Union County Commissioner
Theresa Stehly, Sioux Falls City Council Member
Pat Starr, Sioux Falls City Council Member
Dennis Olson (Appointee), Mayor of Brandon
Julie Burke-Van Luvanee, Mayor of Harrisburg
Jeff Eckhoff (Appointee), Mayor of Sioux Falls
John Prescott (Appointee), Mayor of Vermillion
Jesse Fonkert, Economic Development Representative
Greg Jamison, Private Representative
Bill Hansen, Private Representative
Dan Hindbjorgen, Private Representative
Joan Franken, Private Representative
Jenifer Larsen, Private Representative
Scott Stern, Private Representative
Roger Weber, Private Representative
Senator Jack Kolbeck, Legislator