Pre-Disaster Mitigation Planning

SECOG staff assists counties with their Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plans.  This is a multi-jurisdictional plan that identifies hazards and assesses the risks historically faced by counties.  The plan incorporates a mitigation strategy that encompassed a set of goals, objectives, and action steps to help mitigate against and minimize damages imposed by the identified hazards.  The plan illustrates the county and its communities/jurisdictions’ current and future mitigation actions and strategies in accordance with the guidance materials provided by FEMA and the State of South Dakota’s Office of Emergency Management.


For additional information, contact Sophie Johnson at (605) 681-8184 or



The Lincoln County and Minnehaha County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan can be accessed at here:

Lincoln County & Minnehaha_County_2017_Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan .pdf 

The Turner County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan  can be accessed at here:

Turner_County_2019_Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan .pdf 

The Union County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan can be accessed here: 

Union_County_2019_Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan .pdf

The McCook County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan can be accessed here: 

McCook County 2019 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan .pdf 

The Clay County Pre-Disaster mitigation can be accessed here:  

Clay County 2019 Pre-Diaster Mitigation Plan .pdf